Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fighting the effects of blogrot...

Ok, I have to admit, I love blogging, but I'm terrible at it. Blogging's like this idea that promises to be life-changing in one way or another that one attacks with enthusiasm, only to find that, about three posts later, either the creative juices have dried up, or the opportunity to express oneself isn't worth the effort it takes to put up a post.

Such as it is, I'm renewing my commitment to blog regularly. I say this while thinking of all the blogs I've wandered across in my time which start out similarly only to have three posts following, and all of them no less than three or four years old...

But in this case, I've got a reason: The VBA Composite Control project I started (see link at left).

I don't know why I started this project. I don't really presume to be able to make it something great. The fact that it's written in VBA is pretty self-limiting. But I get a kick out of this sort of stuff and I really want to make as much of it as I can - if for no other reason than because I enjoy doing so.

So I plan on using this blog to post about what I've got in mind for the project and other related subject matter.

My only hope is that someone may care enough to contribute.

In the interim, I've got lots of plans for the project. I don't plan on releasing another update soon, but I do want to finish out the tutorials (they're getting there) and start developing a data source object model to provide data management to the object model. I'm also playing with techniques to bring more advanced OOP concepts into VBA that aren't natively supported (like reflection and inheritance). In fact, I've written a couple CodeProject articles about it, one on the Object Model, and the other on Reflection in VBA.

In the meantime, if you read this and you've messed around with the object model, and you have thoughts / comments / questions...

I'm dying to hear them.

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